Industry Projects

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Project Title: Adiabatic Quantum Computation.

Technical Leads: Prof Gabriel Aeppli (ETHZ), Prof  Green (UCL), Prof Paul Warburton (UCL), Dr Darren Brock (Lockheed)

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Project Title: “CPP” devices for oxide spintronics applications.

Technical Leads: Prof Paul Warburton (UCL) & Dr Dean Edwards (CZ)

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Project Title: Integrated superconducting nanobridge fast readouts electronics for single photon detector arrays.

Technical Leads: Dr Ed Romans (UCL), Prof Robert Hadfield (Glasgow),
Dr Jane Ireland (NPL) (UCL), Darren Brock (LMCO)


Project Title: Atomic precision placement of arrays of dopant atoms in Si for future QIP applications.

Technical Leads: Dr Neil Curson & Dr Steven Schofield (UCL),
Dr John Randall & Dr James Owen (Zyvex Labs)


Project Title: MOS-compatible quantum bits in silicon.

Technical Leads: Prof John Morton (UCL), Dr Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba (Hitachi), Dr David Williams (Hitachi)

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Project Title: The origin of the quantum.

Technical Leads: Dr Alberto Ottolenghi (DNCA/UCL) & Dr Simone Severini (UCL)


Project Title: Anomaly detection.

Technical Leads: Dr Charles Poli (CQCL) & Dr Simone Severini (UCL)


Project Title: Optimization and basket analysis.

Technical Leads: Dr Marco Grimaldi (HarperColins) & Dr Simone Severini (UCL)

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